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Energy Monitoring

Would you like more control over your energy consumption? Gaia is a remotely managed energy monitoring system supporting businesses 24/7 to reduce wastage amd cut carbon emissions. The Gaia system emulates the role of an energy manager constantly observing energy consumption.

Follow the link www.savegaia.net

The Carbon Trust has many years’ of experience in providing guidance to the public sector, including schools and universities. Their top tips include the following:


Don’t turn up the heating unless you really need to - Unless it’s just too cold for comfort, try to keep your thermostat at 19°C. Your heating costs will go up by 8% each time you increase the temperature by just one degree.


Switch lights off in empty rooms You could cut your lighting costs by as much as 15%, just by making sure you turn lights off in rooms and corridors that aren’t being used. Don’t use more light than you need If you’re only working in one part of the room, why have all the lights on? Don’t strain your eyes, but try not to use more light than you need. Make the most of natural light It’s free and it won’t damage the environment. So keep your windows clear, and make the most of the daylight.

DfES support

The Department for Education and Skills has launched a sustainable learning programme for schools, where schools can take steps to reduce their environmental impact.

Follow the link www.sustainablelearning.info.