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What is our path? PDF E-mail

We want to establish ourselves as knowledgeable guides, helping our clients towards a low carbon path. There are numerous suppliers of products in the market that promise huge carbon savings; but how do you know which are the right options for you?

Whatever your goals are to improve your energy use and to reduce your carbon footprint, we are here to certify that you are making progress towards your targets. An important part of your energy reduction journey is to understand your starting point. Do you know how much carbon per year your building emits at the moment? Is it the equivalent weight of one elephant or one thousand elephants? What are the ‘quick-win' and longer-term improvements that you can make, and where can you go for further advice, for example, regarding grants?

An assessment of your building will establish the starting point for carbon emissions; we employ CIBSE Low Carbon consultants who can give you suggestions on the best direction to take to make reductions, and put you in contact with other guides who can help you on your way.